Working Against Hunger in our Community

We believe that no one should ever go hungry. Get involved at FPCD and help fill hungry bellies in our community.


Our micro-pantry is found outside our main entrance. It is community run and uses a “take what you need; leave what you can” philosophy. Please bring packaged food or personal hygiene items to share and take what you need to support yourself and your family. On Tuesday nights, we have a fresh-food swap where we accept fresh fruits and vegetables and then give them away. Learn more about the creation of the micro-pantry here.

Community Garden

Our Community Garden was started in 2024 and is managed and run by members and friends of FPCD. You can support the garden financially or by volunteering to water and tend the plants. Our produce is harvested every Tuesday night and and used for our Micro-Pantry Fresh Food Swap.

Jamie McGee Partnership

We partner with our neighborhood public school, Jamie McGee Elementary School, to make sure the families of students have enough to eat during the holidays. Members and friends donate turkeys and more every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. The Presbyterian Women’s group runs this important community service and will gladly receive donations.