Our Story

About FPCD

First Presbyterian Church of DuPage is a friendly vibrant church. We are diverse group of people who love one another, love the church, and love the Lord. We hope you stop by soon to visit.

The seed of First Presbyterian Church of DuPage (then known as DuPage Presbyterian Church) was planted on July 13, 1833 in a small hickory log schoolhouse.  The multitude of people who worshiped at the church on its first day overcrowded the little schoolhouse, so the service was moved outdoors.

It wasn’t until February 24, 1853 that a church building was erected and a parsonage constructed.  The church was the center of social and religious activity for many decades.  A very strong Sunday School and Women’s Missionary Society helped keep the focus on the true work of the church: Sharing good news of Jesus Christ, Redeemer and Savior of all who accept him as such.

Rev. Larry McCulloch guided the church from 1967-1998 to successfully transition from rural, farm-family church into an urban church. The “old roots” provide the “family friendly” and caring characteristics that the church is noted for today.

Our present church building was built in 2004 from a bequest from the estate of Frances Mable Patterson (church Sunday school secretary for 62 years) and her brother, Warren (Bud).  The new building incorporates many of the elements from the old building.  Rev. Mark Hughey pastored the church from 2005 – 2015, and Rev. Eric Heinekamp served as interim pastor from 2015 – 2021.

On November 15, 2021, Rev. KJ Norris began as our full-time pastor and currently serves in the call to lead us in God’s mission of hope, faith, and love.

Words could not describe God’s goodness in this place, and all of the glory belongs to God.  The lives that have been changed, the stories won, and the families rescued have all been by God’s amazing grace.  To God be all the glory for God’s wonderful works at First Presbyterian Church of DuPage.