HOPE UCC Church has a mission to show love to the LGBTQIA+ Community. They intentionally work to make sure those who love differently than the majority and who see their own gender differently than the world expects know that they are created in the very image of God and are loved by God.

HOPE UCC had a sign at Bethany Church in Aurora where they worship. A portion of their sign was a colorful flag. It is a symbol to make sure that members of the LGBTQIA+ and others know that they are welcome into the full life of HOPE as a worshiping community.

Someone vandalized and destroyed that portion of the sign. We are heartbroken for our community partner and for all who were hurt by this crime. We stand with HOPE UCC saying that the Church is called to be a place of love.

In response to the vandalism, community members from HOPE tied hundreds of color ribbons to the fence which held the sign. It was a beautiful response and way to show love. The Session of FPCD also wanted to give our congregation of FPCD an opportunity to show love. So we have colorful cards in the FPCD Fellowship Hall and stamps as well. You can write a card to our partner to tell them you care. We have ribbons that you can either hang on the fence yourself (at Bethany of Fox Valley UMC, 2200 Ridge Ave, Aurora, IL 60504) or put in the card as a sign of support. May God’s love shine throughout our community and world.