Wandering Heart: Prone to Leave the God I Love graphic

On this Holy Day, we are paying close attention to how Peter acts in Jesus’ final hours. So much happens in a short amount of time: Jesus predicts Peter’s denial, soldiers come and Peter draws his sword, Jesus is arrested and Peter denies him, Peter denies Jesus again and again and the cock crows, then Jesus is crucified and dies. Peter is prone to mess up, to fight, to deny, to leave, to seek safety for himself. But aren’t we all? May we lament all the ways we are prone to leave the God we love.

Join in remembering this terrible day that God made Good – Friday, March 29 at 7 pm in the FPCD Sanctuary.

Note: This series was based on “Wandering Heart,” a curriculum of A Sanctified Art. All materials have been purchased and used with permission. Learn more here.