Seal for the Presbyterian Church (USA) with a distinctive cross

Did you know that Presbyterian Church (USA) churches are connected to one another? We form a network of churches called Presbyteries. Each Presbytery is then connected to a regional Synod and also to the national network called General Assembly. We are part of Blackhawk Presbytery who meets four times a year to worship together, learn from one another, and make decisions which support the wider community.

On Tuesday, Nov 14, Pastors and Elders from all around our region gathered together. The sermon was on John 14 with a focus on Jesus leading the way into the future of the Church. Congregational leaders inspired one another by discussing how they are working against food insecurity in our region. Pastor KJ has been nominated to serve as the Alternate Representative for the Synod of Lincoln Trails, our regional Presbyterian agency who is committed to developing leaders. The vote for this position will be held at the next Presbytery Meeting–February 6, 2024.

Learn more about Blackhawk Presbytery here.