Covid 19 Worship
To comply with safe practices and Will County regulations during the coronavirus, we have implemented a number of important changes to worship. We will continue to offer online worship and will return to in-person worship as soon as possible.
What Will Worship Be like?
When we able to return to in-person worship, we will closely adhere to social distancing practices, but will also continue to offer online worship for those who are unready to come back to the sanctuary. We will closely monitor the number of people in worship to keep the total number in accordance with Will County regulations.

Worship Registration

Everyone will be asked to register for Sunday worship so we ensure we do not have more than the allowable number of attendees. You will be asked to register to attend the service by Saturday 5 PM (the day before worship service), by calling Danika Manchester at 815-302-3371 or emailing and providing the full name and contact phone # for each attendee. If you call to register for the week but we have met our capacity limit, you will be placed first on the list for the next week.

Entry Protocols

Everyone entering the building will be required to use hand sanitizer and wear a face covering. We will provide hand sanitizer.  We will have a limited number of disposable masks available. We will take the temperature of everyone entering. Anyone with a temperature greater than 100.4° F will be asked to worship online at home. Please be patient with our volunteers as we follow these new procedures to keep everyone safe.


Families will be asked to sit together. As people enter the sanctuary, they will be seated from front row to back row. The usher will direct each family to the next available socially-distanced pew.  This will probably be a different pew location than you had been sitting in previously.  You will be dismissed from the back rows first.  Please maintain social distancing.

Attendance Tracking

We will not be passing a friendship pad but will be taking detailed attendance. This is needed in the event we discover someone who has been in our building has contracted the virus.

Worship and Preaching

The worship service will be abbreviated to about 45 minutes. The pastor will preach from the pulpit and the worship assistant will read from a separate stand.

Bibles and Hymnals

Bibles and hymnals have been temporarily removed from the pews.  You may bring your own from home.  All prayers, scripture readings, and music will be projected on screens at the front of the sanctuary.

Responsive readings

The number of responsive readings, such as the Prayer of Confession, will be limited.


There will be no congregational singing.  Singing significantly increases the risk of transmission of the virus by projecting respiratory droplets.

Worship Practices

We will discontinue passing of the peace.  We will ask for prayers of the people but will not have an usher pass a microphone.


Disposable self-contained communion kits that include a wafer and small amount of juice will be placed on a table in the entryway.  These kits will be picked up by the individual while exiting the service.  Individuals are encouraged to take communion in their car or at home to prevent delays during exiting. 


A box for giving envelopes will be placed at the back of the sanctuary. Members are encouraged to use online giving.


Coffee and snacks will not be available. The kitchen and fellowship hall will remain closed until further notice.

The drinking fountain will not be accessible. Please bring your own water bottle.

What Happens if Someone Gets Sick?

We will implement a process to monitor the well-being of all members who attend worship. Anyone who becomes ill after worship should notify the church office immediately so we can notify everyone he/she may have contacted in worship.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact any of the session members.
You may direct specific questions to:

Patt Pilgrim